Warns against using the disposable tables!

Union President of the producers and sellers of plastic and nylon warned about using the disposable tables and called it as a major threat to the health of consumers and at the same time said that Union’s warning is inconclusive to the Ministry of Health in this area to this date.

Seyed Rahim Moqimi Asl, said in an interview with ISNA: Unfortunately these days, the use of disposable tablecloth is much increased, and while this tablecloths are a major threat to public health because of the carbon that is used in. Unfortunately, despite our warnings to the Ministry of Health in this context, there was any effect. He added:  to produce these tablecloths, carbon and polymer are mixed.


Finally, after a process, disposable tablecloths are produced that this carbonate causes to stomach problems and other side effects such as hair loss, short stature and other negative consequences.

Moqimi meanwhile said: being destructive of carbon is such extent that even devices that produce these tablecloths need to be reconstructed after almost six months.

This is due to the shedding of carbon in these machines and now we have to conclude that how much threat the human’s health. Union President of the producers and sellers of plastic and nylon emphasized: unfortunately, producers for reduce the production cost and thus more profit, have used of this cheap but dangerous material.

He also said: Putting bread or any other food on these tablecloths or contact of hands with this material may be damaging to the body. He addressed the Ministry of Health and said: this ministry is responsible for people’s health, and should have regard to the given warnings in this table to protect of people’s health.