Walking up the stairs maintains the youth of brain

Walking up the stairs like studying can keep young the brain for the long time. The researchers of Concordia University in Canada recognized a significant relationship between the numbers of walking up the stairs, education level and the age of people.

The researchers studied 331 adult volunteers with 19 to 79 years old age, and found that each official school year makes young the brain by 0.95 of year. Also, daily walking up the stairs from stairs of two floors keeps young the brain by 0.58 of year. According to this study, daily walking up the stairs of four floors makes young the brain by two years annually.


This is while, five years official education can makes young the brain by 5 years. As the report of Science, in this study the gray section volume of volunteers measured by MRI and it is found that the gray section volume of who’s walk up the stairs daily and were involved more in studying and education, is more than other volunteers.

Walking up the stairs is an activity that people with each age do this ordinary and daily. In physical activity has much impact on keeping young the brain and plays important role in avoiding the cognitive and brain disease.

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