Vitamin C increases the activities of immune cells of body

The laboratory study of researchers shows that red Ginseng and vitamin C increased the immune system cells activities and stopping the viruses’ infections in mice. Hymin Kim and et al. from Seoul National University in South Korea examined the anti-virus impacts of red Ginseng and vitamin C on Flu A virus and infection due to influenza 1N1 H1 in mice.

These mice like human were not able to synthesize the vitamin C genetically. researchers in this study found that red Ginseng and vitamin C cause to Increase the expression of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and NK cells (natural killer). In these mice, red Ginseng and vitamin C cause to increase the expression of NKP 46, natural receptor of NK and produce the interferon-ƴ.


In the lung of mice without vitamin C, flu infection caused to Increase the inflammation and plaque viral accumulation and reduce the survival rate. But these cases were reduced by using the Red Ginseng and vitamin C. As the researchers, using the red Ginseng and vitamin C causes to increase the activity of immune system cells like T and Nk and stops the viral cycle progression.

In ancient, red Ginseng was a Ginseng that produced after drying in sunshine, but todays red Ginseng is produced by steaming process that has similar effect on its color. In both cases, the color change occurs in the result of Caramelized the sugars in the roots of this plant. It seems that there is no difference between the dried root in sunshine or steaming of Ginseng (red Ginseng) and its ordinary boiling root (white Ginseng) in properties.

The conducted studies in Tokyo University showed that Korean Red Ginseng can prevent the gradual destruction of brain cells by stimulating the brain cells. Also it can increase and develop the mental activities and improvement and enhancement the learning and memory performance. Todays, in many countries this matter is used for cure the infertility and spermatogenesis disorders in men.