The toxic matter in new Teflon dishes leads to cancer

The scientists and professors of university have expressed concern about immune of new chemical matter applied in new American Teflon dishes. The most people of USA have “Per-Fluoro Octanoic Acid” in their blood.

Yes, this is true. This is a non-stick chemical that “Dupont” company had used it in Teflon dishes until 2013, so that the Environmental Protection Agency condemned it.


As this report, scientist had said if this material has been used truly, the made dish is a safe non-stick dish, but scientists are confused why this chemical matter (PFOA) is in our blood. Also, the “Dupont” company is involved by this issue. They replace another chemical matter instead of PFOA in 2009. The name of this material is “GenX” and it is used for Teflon dishes.

Now, scientists are concern about the safety of this matter. The “Dupont” company replaces this material instead of PFOA and used it in Teflon’s and hundreds other productions.

This company said this material has more safety than PFOA and said this new material has more favorable toxicological specification than previous matter.

According to a new report by “InterStep”, they obtained the 16 reports about the main dangers that “GenX” has on health and environment. The documents say the “GenX” has harmful healthy impacts on laboratory animals. Including the impacts of this matter on laboratory mice with cancer were weight gain, changes in the immune system and cholesterol levels.

As the report of InterStep, the other cases like disruptions in kidney and livers size and the problems related with reproduction are from complications of this dangerous matter. In January 2013, the “Dupont” company expressed those laboratory mice that were exposed in different levels of “GenX” by two years, in their body the cancer tumors were formed in liver, pancreas, and testes.

According to InterStep, benign tumors, kidney disease, liver failure, and uterine polyps are found in mice. This company said these findings have less important about human. They wrote: “these findings have any risk about human’s body”. The experts of this company had expressed some similar claims about C8/PFOA previously that was found this material is very toxic and killer.