The strategies of stress reduction for parents after the birth of first child

Although the birth of a child with sweets and a special pleasure to give families, but as the others think, its all aspects is not very sweet and charming for parents. But after subsided the initial flurry, and being alone the parents, by passing the time, the issues and problems such as physical weakness and insomnia at night of mother, and employment and social conflicts of father that will definitely feel more responsible, will cause to discomfort between these two people.


The couple’s relationship kind finds large differences after the birth of the first baby than before it and perhaps the most important reason is the emotional and instinctive issues of parents and adding a third person.

Regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, we must accept it as a fact. And we should know that the birth of the first child could seriously undermine the relations between husband and wife. One of the reasons is lack of sleep.

In addition to the sleep problems that arise, child Care has enormous tasks that allocated the parent’s countless hours of time. This reason causes to parents forget themselves in many aspects that ultimately will be accompanied by dissatisfaction with life.

Another reason for this, is the eclipse of life and career programs for parents, particularly the mother’s, in a way that may be provide restrictions for couple on applications such as traveling, partying, continuing education and … And in the meantime, a woman may feel her husband does not understand her and all he sacrifice his all love to the child.

As well as husband also thinks the child is became a rival for her affection and love and all the attention of his wife is devoted to child, so that he does not see. If the couple who have celebrated the birth of their first child, remember and act the tips, and strategies that are referred here, definitely will be reduced from the existing tension and density and will feel better the presence of their loved ones.