The causes of iron deficiency in men

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia and is due to the iron deficiency in nutrition, and occur because of excess excrete of blood or iron malabsorption in the long time.

The most common symptoms are including the feeling the lethargic or constant fatigue during exercise and general malaise. False dizziness, frequent infections to viral illnesses such as colds, spoon-shaped nails, sleeping and tingling in the hands and feet are other symptoms of iron deficiency.


Iron deficiency may cause to discoloration and abnormal wound in the corners of the lips as well. Doctor Mohammed Jahani said iron absorption takes place slowly by the body and to eliminate the side effects drug therapy should be used.

He announced the most important blood problem is the iron deficiency and said: Iron deficiency is the most common anemia in the entire of world, and this trend is in our country.

Jahani pointed out that studies have shown that one-third of American women suffer the iron deficiency, and said: there are no accurate statistics in this field in the country but this disease is common in Iran. He said pregnancy and lactation are the most important factors of iron remove in women and added: Women must provide the require iron to their body to their health not expose in danger.

This hematologist referred to reduce the consumption of vegetables in the country and said: People’s tend to consume the fast food has led to vegetables consume less that this trend must change.

Fresh fruit and vegetable consumption is recommended in all ages and people should use them. This member of Medical Sciences Faculty of Tehran University said: those people who are in the advanced stages of iron deficiency tend to eat the stiff objects such as ice, dirt, curd, cooked pasta, tea and even soap, added: These people should see a doctor to determine iron deficiency.

He pointed to a lack of iron in men, and said: The most reasons of iron deficiency in men can be caused by colon and stomach cancer. Symptoms of anemia occur in 40 years old men and above.