The basic difference between brain of male and female!

Recent researches reported about differences in the brain activity of men and women in doing the collaborative work. As the Press Club, when we speak about the social behavior, it should be noted there are obvious differences between men and women.

Researchers believe a sense of cooperation among men and women follow of different mechanisms. Up to now, many researches has been done on the working differences between men and women. In most of these studies there are persons who should be in a position to conclude their work with the help of encapsulation.


In one of these studies that have been done recently, 222 people, including 110 women, were divided into groups of couples. The researchers formed three kinds couples of male couples including the female couples, men couples, and mixed couples and they asked each couple to work together to do something. People of each couple sit on a chair in front of each other and see each other’s faces.

They were asked not to talk together and press a button immediately when the color circle on the computer’s screen has changed. When the mission of each couple was done successfully that two people simultaneously pushed the button.

With this test, the participation rates among different couples were studied. The results showed that female couples had showed fit and more participation than male couples.

Mixed couples also have less work than male or female couples. Shots of brain showed, the brain activity of male or female couples of brain activity was more than mixed groups during the mission.

“Joseph Baker”, the professor of Pharmacy School and head of this research at Stanford University’, said: “The results of these studies help to resolve the differences between men and women by investigation the physiological functions of the brain”.

He continues: “The achievements of such these researches will have many applications to foster the participation of people with mental illness, especially¬†autism”.