Makeup Can Provide a Fleeting Confidence Boost to Some

A lot of women feel the need to wear makeup to look pretty and feel confident not to impress boys. A lot of boys and men these days think women wear makeup to impress them when in reality they wear makeup because they feel better about themself.


Some women feel more comfortable with makeup on. I know I definitely feel more comfortable with makeup on because I feel more confident about myself. I personally love makeup. Makeup is something I’m passionate about I like to try new things. Makeup can really boost some confidence. I love when Nancy Etcoff says “Makeup is a powerful but understudied tool.”. I agree with her makeup is very powerful because it changes the way you look. They had a study to see what men would go towards to more women with and without makeup and the men picked with makeup. They all also had a study on if men like natural looking makeup or dramatic and the men picked natural. It all depends on how you put your makeup on. I know a lot of beautiful women that look outstanding without makeup and I really envy them. I try to go towards natural makeup and enhance my natural features.


Lots of women hate makeup and don’t see the point of it. But some don’t realize how insecure other girls are without it. I was surrounded around makeup a lot when I was younger. I loved putting it on but my wouldn’t let me so she got me one of those kids makeup and I was so happy. But, as I got older she would let me use a little as I got older. I remember always watching my cousins and mom put on makeup and I would always love looking at that. I would sneak and put it on sometimes. I actually started pretty young wearing makeup I would say 6th grade. But I wouldn’t wear a lot I would just wear mascara. I kinda wish my mom wouldn’t let me at all and I wish she would tell me that I was better off natural but I guess she wasn’t able to control me.

Nancy says “ makeup is what you make of it. It is a choice.” Makeup is a choice all women have. No woman is forced to wear makeup. Us women have small things that make us feel comfortable about ourselves. So, when men make rude comments saying “women only wear makeup to impress guys” it is not true at all. If I wanted to impress a guy I’d wear less makeup to show my natural side more not my fake side. Makeup can make you more beautiful than you already are. I am not saying any girl is ugly without makeup I’m saying that makeup can makeup you prettier because makeup has the effect that can enhance your natural features.

Every women is beautiful without makeup. Don’t ever think you should wear makeup to be prettier because every women is naturally beautiful. Makeup can actually difficult at times. I’ve seen men try putting it on there girlfriends and they struggle and they go “how do you guys do this” so I like to think that putting on makeup is a talent because it is not easy and it takes a while for women to master specific things. It’s not super hard but it is a challenge at times. Lots of women have bad acne and wear makeup to cover it up. They sometimes have such bad acne that they have to go to a doctor to fix it and have prescribed moisterizers for them. Makeup is nice when you over do it. When I say over do I mean when you put it a lot because it isn’t as natural and you don’t usually look the same when you take it off.


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