Kill virus by hairdryer

A study showed that flu virus and others are killed by hot air in hairdryer. Breathing the hot air with adjusted intensity can kill the microbes and viruses. Sometimes in some seasons, it is hard to avoid from some virus diseases.

Because of being close to family and friends, these viruses transfer easily between people. Entering the hot air of hairdryer into the nose cause to kill the viruses in nose and breathe a conducted study in England, those people who enter hot air inside their nose, reduce the flu symptoms of disease in their body.


But those people who breathe the ordinary air of room and environment can’t reduce the symptoms of flu. To do this, heat the hairdryer.

Don’t forget, you should heat it, not cauterize it. Keep it on your face with suitable distance. Try to breathe its hot air slowly as far as you can and enter this hot air inside your nose. Try to do this at least 2-3 times in day. If you can, do this for 20 minutes each time.