Iranians in Turkey Talent Competition “Yetenek Sizsiniz”

Iranian Sufism in Iran is forbidden! Dervishes can freely perform their rituals. If today’s hearing Rumi coppersmith market freely, “the moral security patrol” probably the same thing that he Mftyhay your time with him was Maulana thousand years ago! Instruments, real female voice and the sound of construction can not be played on TV. Even the bass drum, always under the policy of broadcasting, by the software to “adjust” to it.

Is this magic, mystical Iranian or common roots in neighboring countries? However, the Iranians released the scenes of Turkish art, flowers planted.
Farhood Khademi alter servant after finding the second stage, and the implementation of cooperation with “honest greedy” and “Mustafa Knvkjv” the jury was faced with a great welcome.
Their golden key from Ali Taran received a pass to the semifinals.



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