Improve memory in elderly with a hint of rosemary

A study shows inhaling rosemary scent increases the brain power and improves the memory in the elderly. Almonds, walnuts, spinach, blueberries, fish, sunflower seeds and other nuts, legumes and green vegetables are super foods that have a key role in boosting memory and improve the brain function and increase the capacity to think.

However, researchers have found other ways to improve memory and rosemary is effective in improving the memory. When you breathe the scent of rosemary, its combinations enter into the blood through the lungs and then send messages to the brain, to a part that actually can be effective in brain chemistry.


To observe the rosemary aromas effect on memory performance in the elderly, researchers put a total of 150 people over 65 years old, randomly in three rooms full of aromas of rosemary, lavender or without the aromas.

According to Health News Line website, the elderly after entering the assigned room, they participated in a test to assess their memory function, and then examining the collected data showed that the test results of older people memory in the room with the scent of rosemary was much better than their counterparts in other rooms.

Also according to this survey, rosemary aromas and lavender increased the level of consciousness and tranquility in the two groups of participants compared to the third group. On the findings of this study, in a room which rosemary aromas had been broadcast, increased the memory test scores by 15 percent in the retired elderly.

Lauren Boosy, the graduate student at North Umbria University said: these findings confirm the previous studies and also show that scent of rosemary oil can enhance the cognitive functioning in healthy adults. He also noted that determine the potential benefits of rosemary fragrances for the lifetime needs to further investigation. This study was presented in the Annual Conference of British Psychological Society in Nottingham.