Here’s How To Whip Up A Romantic Weekend On The Fly

Very few words put a scare into a person than “romantic weekend”. The curious case of a weekend filled with love, romance, and showering affection on your special someone seems to be one of the more reviled, unwelcome ideas ever introduced to couples anywhere in the world. Even beyond the hyperbole, some people really do crumble at having to put together a nice weekend getaway.

Perhaps it’s because we’re afraid to make a mistake. Maybe we’ve made mistakes, and we’re already on thin ice. Maybe the timing isn’t right. Maybe we’re thinking too hard about the whole thing when what you should be doing is remembering that this is a romantic trip that comes from the spontaneous power of love!


For starters, decide on an actual place to go. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do want to want to keep your sweetie in mind. Is there a place that they’ve talked about for a long time that just seems out of reach? This might be the right time to deliver a dream trip, and isn’t that romantic? You could even make it a trip based on things they like to do like fishing, camping, “antiquing”, or checking out their favorite band.

Think a bit on how you’ll get to your weekend destination. Keep in mind that this is a weekend trip, so driving may be the way to go. While this may not seem romantic, you might make it part of the journey. Create a CD with your sweetheart’s favorite songs or songs that are special to both of you. Enjoy the open nature of the road, belt out your favorite tunes, and throw caution to the wind. You may even find that the actual destination falls by the wayside when you’re having a great time just hitting the road with your baby!

Make sure to remember that your spontaneity is key to the romance, so include little surprises along the way. If you’re hungry, maybe a picnic in a little park you found in your planning is on the menu. Maybe you’re both big fans of TV food shows & that one killer BBQ place just happens to be on the way to your destination. Boom! It’s almost too much romance, but as with any greatest hits collection, keep the hits coming. Commemorate the best moments of your trip by taking pictures.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to plan everything out. Sure, you want directions to drive by and a place to sleep when you arrive, but even if you’re plans only tackle part of the weekend, sometimes exploring new & exciting places with your special someone can be as fulfilling as the most romantic trip could ever try to be. Not only are you spending quality time with each other, you’re actively making memories that only the two of you can call your own.
Make your romantic weekend legendary by keeping sacred the most important part of the whole trip – your special someone.

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