Girl, 12, brought to hospital pregnant by 40-year-old ‘husband

The hospital Xushou City Central Hospital in Jiangsu Province in eastern China has arrested a man with his wife, 12-year-old was pregnant.
Daughter of pregnancy has not been named, was brought to the hospital to investigate her situation, while 3 months pregnant.
Doctors at the hospital said that the girl is very small, and the image is like schoolboys.
Doctors are hawleen to ask her, but she will not be able to speak Chinese language looga.
One of the workers said that the girl is 12 years old and not close to 20-year-old.
The man’s wife was furious comments doctors, according to a said: – “I am here for the investigation, hold a job, stop the talk.”

The y12 yo girl, had been brought by the 40 yo man and a woman

The y12 yo girl, had been brought by the 40 yo man and a woman

Staff were angered speech, and called down to the police, and the police asked the girl’s pregnancy was only a Documents and can speak languages ​​looga speak Chinese.
She has been to foreign countries from the South / East Asia, although not officially confirmed the country of origin.
Investigators suspect that they have been kidnapped or bought as Gabaddhaasi foreign doll “as a foreign bride”.
Most Chinese men were made to historically normal families from their land Vietname, and information from the Southern Border of China.


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