Exercise reduces the starvation

Researchers found that exercising is effective in reduction of daily consume calorie more than dietary restriction. The researchers of Eva Labro University of Britannia in their recent research studied the women’s hormonal, psychological and behavioral reactions in control of calorie by exercising and dietary restriction for 9 months.

Researchers found when volunteers take low calorie by dietary restriction; they faced with increasing the starvation hormone level named Ghrelin and reduction in stopple hormone of starvation called peptide YY.


But when these volunteers took up fewer calories by exercising, they ate three times. Volunteers ate 944 calories in dietary restriction and 660 calories after exercising on average. This result is inconsistent with previous results.

The previous results said exercising increases the eating specially in women. Also this study shows that the reaction of Ghrelin and Peptide YY hormone is similar in men and women.

Doctor David Stansil, the leader if research team, says about this: “our findings show exercising has any impact on your more starving. Of course our findings are about initial hours after exercising. Our next step is this whether its impact continues after one day?”

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