Ali Sadeghi in Hamsar dot come

About the movie: Hamsar dot com
Summery: Ghodrat (played by Ali Sadeghi) young male student in a truck exhibition, has long been looking for a wife.
With the coming T. him with his old friend from outside the virtual world and get acquainted dating sites and … Starring: Sahar Qureshi, Ali Sadeghi, hope, Mirtaher Mazloum, Reza Naji and

About Ali Sadeghi:
Ali Sadeghi (born 10 Persian date Azar 1359 in Tehran) is a comedian, film and television from Iran.


Hamsar dot com

Hamsar dot com

“My best summer” in light humor to the subject of war and starring Ali Sadeghi (with dubbing Afshin Zynvzy) was started a few years later his reputation and in cooperation with Attaran in the series “The accused fled,” “homeless” and “juncture” reached a peak.

He also has his favorite Flame “arranged a meeting” which is where he was born and was directed by Abolfazl Ghaedi game and has won many awards.
Ali Sadeghi in “dinner” Melika farmers denied rumors her marriage.

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