“AEROLEAF” a wind turbine for your own backyard

NewWind is revolutionizing energy production:
What was gigantic, NewWind has made small
What was unsightly, NewWind has made beautiful
What was unique, NewWind has multiplied
What was far away, NewWind has brought close to home
What was noisy, NewWind has made silent



It all began in 2011, when Jérôme Michaud-Larivière hatched the idea of creating an electrical power generating system in the form of a tree, with each leaf an actual mini wind turbine. Capturing low wind speeds and turbulence is at the crux of this novel approach, which can deliver power and autonomy simply through a proliferation of leaves. Thus, the Arbre à Vent® was born out of a desire to create the first human-scale biomimetic wind turbine capable of recreating a sympathetic bond between the consumer and his or her means of power generation.

Claudio Colucci was entrusted with the design of the Arbre of Vent®. Combining elegance and performance, he freed the tree from its central trunk and placed its leaves in a seemingly chaotic manner so as to capture the maximum amount of air movement. Organic and curvilinear in form, the Arbre à Vent®turns its back on our very notion of windmills, obscuring cables, blades and generators within the guise of the tree.
Its groundbreaking Aeroleaf® technology is simultaneously rustic and sophisticated. A microprocessor in each leaf allows it to harvest maximum energy from the wind available at any given moment. It took three and a half years of R&D to latch onto the curve of the wind, without inertia, and attain energy efficiency.


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